Auto Care Specialist!

Engine Repairs: Are you having problems with your engine?

Is it overheating or the check engine light coming on?

Book your vehicle in for an inspection.

  • Major and Minor Services: Keep your vehicle running smoothly and service it regularly. Change your oil and filter, power steering, brakes, transmission, coolant and washer fluids.
  • Vehicle Computer Diagnostics: Our diagnostic teams are well-trained, and we constantly upgrade our equipment to ensure that we correctly diagnose any issues on your vehicle.
  • Breaks: At Moss Auto Service we know that your brake system is crucial to your safety. Worn brakes increase your stopping distance and could lead to brake failure.
  • Suspensions: Does your vehicle suspension bounce when driving down the road? Dip and bottom out when going over bumps? Do you fight your vehicle to drive in a straight line? Let our expert team inspect your suspension.


  • Clutches, Gearbox and Transmission: Every time a clutch is engaged, the clutch disc and other components are subjected to considerable heat, friction, and wear. Operator abuse commonly causes majority of premature gearbox troubles.
  • Oil Changes: Regularly changing the oil and replacing the filter will automatically extend the life of your engine and keep it running smoothly.
  • Electrical Systems: Are you looking for a reliable company to check on your vehicle’s electrical system? We diagnose and repair faults on electrical systems.